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Mery Pujato is an artist from Argentina exploring horses and movement. She has been participating of several international shows and selling her paintings to Argentina, Uruguay, New York, Florida, Texas, San Francisco, Switzerland and Colombia.
Mery Pujato es una artista de Argentina que explora los caballos y el movimiento. Sus pinturas han participado de varias muestras internacionales y han sido vendidas en Argentina, Uruguay, Nueva York, Florida, Texas, San Francisco, Suiza y Colombia.



MADRID Art Show - Gallery Group Exhibition - October 30 - November 15 2023

   - Group exhibition in Madrid at Monat Gallery sharing my series of horses in movement with other international artists.

PARIS Art 3F - Gallery Group Exhibition - September 2023

   - Group exhibition in Paris sharing my series of horses in movement with other international artists under the curation of Monat Gallery.

NEW YORK Clio Art Fair - Group Exhibition - September 2022

   - Group exhibition in Chelsea sharing my series of horses in movement with other international artists.

Jockey Club San Isidro Buenos Aires, Argentina  - Exhibition Show - December 2021

   - Exhibition representing the passion for horses.

NEW YORK Argentine Consulate  - Solo show Exhibition "Movement in Freedom" - April 2021 - June 2021

   - Exhibition about the movement in freedom represented on the horses adrenaline running through time and space.

NEW YORK ACADEMY OF ART  - CFA Final Exhibition- August 2020 - September 2020

   - Exhibition about movement in horses and fusion between past, present and future.

NEW YORK ACADEMY OF ART - " Tribeca Ball " Exhibition - April 2020

  - Group exhibition. Sold 3 paintings.

NEW YORK ACADEMY OF ART Exhibition "Deck the Walls" - December 2019

   - 3 artworks: "Structural Lines I", "Structural Lines II", "Structural Lines III" (Everything Sold at Exhibiton)


MIAMI ART BASEL Exhibition "Miami Art Fair Aqua" - December 2019

   - "Arcoiris II".

Rebeca Mendoza Art Studio Exhibition - December 2019

   - Sold "Wilderness".

Sacs Buenos Aires "Silent Auction" - June 2019

   - Sold "Mostaza".

Hospice "Buen Samaritano" - 2015

   - Sold painting internationally.

Puertas Abiertas San Isidro - 2016-2019

Rebeca Mendoza Art Studio Exhibitions - December 2014 - 2018

    - Several artworks sold.



New York Academy of Art - 2019 - 2020

     Certificate in Fine Arts of three semesters seeking intensive instruction in painting, sculpture, and drawing and interested in engaging in the critical discourse of contemporary representational art.

Course: Lola Erhart Art Studio  - October 2018                                                                                                                                                    

   Intensive course of live human figure and portrait practice with quick sketches and final large detailed drawings.


Mery Pujato Art Studio in Buenos Aires - 2016 - 2019 

   May 2016 - Present Focused on personal creative process at own studio after work. Paint horses on large canvas and explore new techniques to evolve such as mixing acrylics with other substances.


Rebeca Mendoza Art Studio -  2014 - 2019

   Artist in residence abstract painting led by the excellent artist, teacher and  owner Rebeca Mendoza. Participated in various annual open art gallery events in San Isidro city, meditation in art and experiential classes. Paintings sold to public at annual art gallery show.


• Laura Messing Studio - 2000 - 2012

     Drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics classes. Participated in first exhibition at age 12. Basic Photography and digital retouch course.


Buy What you Love - Rema Hort Mann Foundation New York -  2020

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